Virtual Foosball
4 player table soccer

Virtual Games - Virtual Foosball

A Multi-Player Virtual Table Soccer Tournament.

Virtual Games is an events management company based in Portugal that offer high quality interactive games for corporate functions. Maelstrom were commissioned by VG to design and produce the first ever four player virtual table soccer system to tour events throughout Portugal and Europe. The software was designed to allow the re-branding of the in-game graphics so the system was able to support many different events and customers.

System Concept: 
The client requested that the unit was to look futuristic, not only in design but also it’s finish – this was achieved by using aluminium material where possible and covering the whole base structure with a metal finish veneer.

The unit was designed in-house and was based on the original game using rod and spring technology. The game has four individual screens each giving its own viewpoint of the game. The unit has it’s own built-in trolley system which lifts the whole frame 12 inches off the floor revealing the wheels and enabling it to be moved with ease.

The system was first unveiled at the Silver Generations 24 hour promotional event based in the Algarve, the launch featured the table soccer system which had a futuristic custom pod built to show off the players as they competed in the tournament – (shown above in the main title pictures). The system was also used for many product launches as seen directly above at NIKE’s product launch with the public playing against famous Portuguese footballers.

The Game:
The software features an intuitive menu and data input interface. Each player who plays in the tournament has their photo and names uploaded into the event data menu. This is then stored and recalled when the player or team is ready to play in the event.

The game can be played in many combinations, two player, three player and four player. Each player selects either to play as a defender or an attacker and stands in front of the respective screen using the two rods associated with their chosen position (2 players user all four rods). Players can select their team strip from the list of Portuguese League teams (shown below).