UGV IED detector
unmanned ground vehicle

UGV Remote IED Demonstrator

Chelton Ltd (formally Cobham) – AMULET Robot-Mounted Mine Detection Demonstration System

Chelton has applied its extensive ground penetrating radar (GPR) experience to the next generation of stand-off mine detection systems, which remove the operator out of harm’s way by mounting GPR-based detection system onto unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) or other tactical robotic platforms. The system operates on the same low-burden principles offered by Chelton’s hand-held Minehound detector, maintaining the philosophy that the capability should be easy to train and operate.

Intuitive User Interface: 
The custom multi-resolution simulation was made possible using Maelstrom’s proprietary engine to enable the software to utilise 3 separate hardware screens all using different resolutions yet still running as a single application on one pc system.

The system comprises of a main world view screen, an operator control screen and a hand-held control unit with inputs from the simulated GPR and simulated view from the virtual UGV-mounted camera. The hand-held unit also allows full control of the UGV itself, its camera and also the marking system which deploys small droplets of foam to mark out the cleared pathway.

The prototype demonstration was unveiled at the DVD military exhibition held at Millbrook and also shown at DSEI.

Instructor Screen:
The image above shows the main instructor menu screen, from here the instructor can select up to three different locations to carry out the training, as with our other VR mine detection/training applications, the instructor is able to edit the positions of the virtual threats.

On the left of the screen is a plan overview of the chosen environment, this view shows the live UGV location  and the red markers indicate where the targets are buried. Also shown on the instructor view is the live GPR signature received from the UGV as it progresses through the environment.

Other controls include alternative camera views that follow the UGV, as well as on/off switches for the UGV and other environmental sounds.

Operator View:
The operator view is generated from the UGV’s onboard camera and displays the live feed as the UGV progresses through the environment, the view is able to be controlled via a small joystick as well as supporting zoom functionality. Other features include the turning on/off of the marking system and the ability to change GPR modes which changes the visual representation of the data feed (shown on the left). 

As the UGV progresses the live GPR data feed is streamed to the operators view, as soon as a target is discovered the effect is displayed on screen. 

Also shown in this picture is the target markers which is a visual representation of the locations of all threats within the environment this can be turned  on/off via the instructor screen.