360 Dome Presentation

SEGRO Logistics Park East Midlands Gateway

A 360 degree video presentation projected on to an IGLOO Dome.

The East Midlands Gateway project has been in development for over 3 years, Maelstrom’s real-time software has assisted the developers through the planning process and more recently the site launch event. The scheme was unveiled (on-site) to prospective tenants and dignitaries with a guided tour of the site whilst being immersed in a 360 degree igloo dome.

Real-time vs 360 Video: 
At Maelstrom we’ve been developing immersive real-time applications for over 25 years. Our customers come back to us because of our knowledge and expertise in this field, that and our ability to quickly adapt to new requirements as they arise. The launch of the East Midlands Gateway scheme required us to introduce multiple real-time cameras into our software so we could output a series of sequential frames to be edited into a single 8000 x 1000 pixel panoramic video. The main images above show the footage displayed on the dome projection system.

Offline output from our engine was nothing new, this coupled with our experience in multi-projection systems for both military and museum customers aided in the quick turnaround required for the new 360 video feature. Shown above is the panoramic imagery during the final editing stages.

IGLOO – 360 Projected Dome: 
We worked closely with projection and dome specialists Igloo Vision to ensure our content was seamlessly mapped to their curved screens. Igloo Vision specialise in large area projection systems from cylindrical rooms to huge 21m domes providing a unique immersive experience for the ‘many’ not just the few…. The insert shows an external photo of the main dome construction with catering facilities at the rear and a welcome area foyer area at the front, the dome employed for the launch event and shown above is 12m in diameter which can seat 70 – 80 guests comfortably.

Igloo’s projected systems can support many types of digital content from stills and presentations to full screen 360 video all controlled from a simple hand-held device which gives access to the database of prepared content.

A Great Success:
We’ve always been keen to explore new collaborations with industry experts who all come together to produce something unique and special for the customer, and their customers. This project was certainly challenging from a timescale point of view but the results were very rewarding, as well as the feedback….

” I wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work on the SLPEMG flythrough and for all of your efforts to deliver this in time. The video received excellent feedback and worked really well in the 360 degree format. It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope that there will be a chance we can work together again in the future on different projects”. [Katherine Davies – Marketing Manager – SEGRO]

On the left is a short video taken during setup day and helps to show the scale and immersion of the 360 Igloo Dome.

On the right is a short video taken during early development and also features a cylinder room projection setup rather than the dome.