Logistics Park Rendering

Prologis Developments - Midpoint - Birmingham

One of five sites we have rendered for Prologis including Kettering, Newbury, Crewe Basford East, Sideway (Stoke).

This latest development starts from a lofted satellite view over the UK which slowly descends down to the featured site based near Birmingham. During the descent voice over commentary is used to describe the site, its location and proximity to main access-ways be it road, rail or sea.

Software Design: 
The software is designed to run like a dvd-rom – i.e. menu driven, each part of the site is controlled and accessed from the main menu, at the click of a button the user is taken on a guided tour of each of the structures located on site, detailed information about each featured structure is given both audibly and visually.

Exterior Site: 
It is also possible for site developers to take prospective tenants on a personal guided tour by using the ‘roam’ function, this enables the user to ‘walk’ around wherever they like and look at whatever they like for as long as they like – something simply not possible on normal everyday flythrough videos.

Internal features:
The software is to be used as an aid to not only promoting the site but also with leasing individual units to prospective tenants. The  program features many detailed areas including; external aspects, internal offices, internal shed structures, access level bays, high detail vehicles and car parking facilities.