FORD VR Football
VR Foorball Game

Ford Virtual Penalty Challenge

A Virtual Reality Penalty Shootout Game that toured Europe.

Ford Virtual Penalty Challenge is a similar system to the VR cricket game developed for the Australian & Indian markets, it features a scalable tracking technology to allow for more movement yet remains just as portable. The system was developed to support Ford’s European promotional events; pictured above at the motor show in Amsterdam.

The Game: 
Players wear a headset and foot sensor and take part in a virtual penalty shoot-out at Wembley Stadium. The headset allows the users to look all around the stadium and experience the atmosphere, whilst the foot sensor accurately tracks the speed and angle of the players foot.

There is a virtual football placed on the penalty spot and players kick the ball as they would in reality, how they strike the ball determines its speed and trajectory. When players score a goal the speed and position of where the ball crosses the line determines the ‘score rating’ for the goal. high scorers appear on the event high score table.


The Hardware:
As shown above the Ford VR Penalty System was designed to be portable and modular for ease of transportation and configuration at different events. The main parts consisted of the main processing unit housing an accelerated PC system, A custom tracker antenna which housed an Ascension SpacePad 6DoF tracking system, a touchscreen menu interface for starting the game and inputting player data, and a foot sensor tracker which is worn by the player (as shown in the photos).

The System was designed to support multiple configurations with regard to the placement of the system and audience viewing screen, shown above left where the unit was centre stage with the screen mounted into the side of a transit van, and shown directly above set up as a supporting interaction alongside other gaming units – picture above was taken at the Brussels motor show on set-up day.