FORD VR Cricket
VR Cricket Game

Ford Virtual Cricket Challenge

A Virtual Reality Cricket Game that toured Australia and India.

Ford Virtual Cricket Challenge is a portable immersive gaming system created to support international motor show events. Pictured above at the motor show in Australia; players put on the headset and get transported to play at the famous MCG stadium in Melbourne.

The Game: 
The player puts on a VR Cricket Helmet and holds a tracked bat handle which is represented in game as a full size branded cricket bat. Each players game begins with a simulated walk out to the crease, once there the main game starts and the player is ready to face the first ball.

The player is free to look all around and also able to hit the ball where they like, points are awarded based on distance and the type of shot played. The player will face a full over with which to generate runs, at the end of the game players who have scored runs will get their names entered on to the high score table.

The Hardware:
The Ford VR Cricket System was designed specifically to be portable and modular for ease of transportation. The main parts consisted of the main processing unit housing an accelerated PC system, Ascension 6DoF tracking system and amplifier (shown above right), a touchscreen menu interface for staring the game and inputting player data, The VR Cricket headset and tracked bat handle (above left).


The system was to be shipped around various countries for use at motor shows with the main aim of attracting the public onto the Ford stand and to give players a unique and fun experience.

The portable system components were housed inside the custom stand design created for Ford as shown above at the Delhi motor show in India and in the main title pictures at the Sydney motor show in Australia.