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Aggregate Industries - Proposed Bardon Hill Quarry Extension

A visualisation of the plans for Bardon Hill Quarry Extension to aid with planning.

The visualisation software shows the current site at Bardon Hill also through a series of phases illustrates how the proposed new site will evolve including the transition of waste materials from the new site to fill the old.

Existing Plant: 
It was critical that the visualisation was totally accurate and represented the site at the time of the planning application. To achieve this Earth observational satellite data was captured at the start of the development programme, this supplied totally up to date digital imagery and landscape telemetry of the site and surrounding area.

The existing processing plant was also digitally captured and modelled accurately – this included the conveyor systems covering hundreds of meters which move materials from the quarry face to the primary crusher before being loaded onto the trucks for delivery.

Site Extension: 
The primary purpose of the software is to show council planning authorities and the local community the minimal environmental impact the new site will have on the surrounding area.

Aggregate have employed landscape architects to minimise any visual impact on the local community, bunds are being created to shield the site from view and large scale planting of trees around the site has been planned. The visualisation evolves over a series of phases (which will take approx 20 years) and illustrates how the materials will be distributed from the new site to the old.

The software:
The software was designed with an intuitive menu system that allowed access to all areas of the site. It had the ability to show how the scheme would progress over the years by revealing the phases of development 1 through 5 to final completion. The menu also supported fly-throughs of all areas of the site as well as the ability to turn on/off all new bunds and planting.

The image above shows the total site outlined in blue and the new quarry extension outlined in red. The green areas show where the bunds and new planting are being added to maintain the countryside aesthetic.