Virtual Reality Solutions

We’re a close team of creatives & developers who work together to repeatedly produce engaging interactive experiences.

We are sorry to have to announce that Maelstrom Virtual Productions Ltd ceased trading on Tuesday the 27th September 2022.

After 25 years of producing ground-breaking VR, we were unfortunately unable to survive the disruption that Covid caused to our markets.

Our thanks to the many clients we’ve had over the years, many of whom turned into great friends, and thanks also to our family and friends, without whose love and support we wouldn’t have lasted anywhere near as long.

As Developers

We Aim To Establish VR Technologies As An Invaluable Tool.

As a necessity, rather than a nicety, for Training, Marketing and Visualisation, across every Industry.

Established MCMXCVII - [1997]

Virtual Reality Company Based in Leicester

We specialise in the production of bespoke VR simulation and entertainment systems to deliver tailored solutions that meet our clients specific requirements.

Our extensive 25 years of experience in VR application development has enabled us to create ground breaking interactive systems for a variety of markets including; architectural visualisations, marketing promotions and civilian and military training simulations.

Our Recent

Ground Breaking Projects

We have delivered technically challenging and highly advanced interactive solutions that span VR, AR & 360 Dome productions.

Our skill set and vast experience enables us to deliver all our projects on time and on budget.

Supported Platorms

We'll Advise On The Best Technology To Employ For Your Project

  • Fully Immersive Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • 360 Degree Video – Dome Presentation 
  • Multi-Projection Systems with Edge Blending & Geometry Correction
  • Networked Multi-User Simulation

What Our Clients Say

It’s always great to receive a thank you for the work we do so here’s a few kind words from a brief selection of our clients…

" The use of the Maelstrom model at consultation stage with local residents, planners, councillors and statutory consultees has been pivotal in many discussions and negotiations on design "
Martin Eckersall
Infrastructure Director - Roxhill Developments - UK
" Polhemus enjoys the relationship with Maelstrom due to their ability to quickly grasp, understand and implement our cutting edge technology into their own future forward products. We respect the high level engineering and skill sets they bring to the table to cherry pick the best technologies available and integrate them for the benefit of their customer's unique application needs "
Skip Rogers
President - Polhemus Tracking Systems - USA
" I can unequivocally recommend Maelstrom for their capability to develop virtual reality systems. Maelstrom have been fully responsible for the development of state-of-the-art 3D virtual reality software and a range of prototype body and equipment sensors which immerse the user in realistic operational scenarios for training solutions. .. they've been able to achieve the optimum performance from available technology, by tailoring both hardware and software. Throughout the programme Maelstrom have demonstrated an experienced approach, they have shown great commitment in adapting to changing or unclear requirements and to meet many challenging deadlines. "

Adrian Payne
Principal Systems Engineer and Programme Technical Lead - Chelton - UK

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